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Train Travel: Exploring the Route from Milwaukee to Las Vegas


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Are you planning a trip from Milwaukee to Las Vegas and considering Train Travel as an option? Traveling by train can be a unique and relaxing way to explore the beautiful landscapes of the Midwest and West Coast. In this article, we will guide you through the train route from Milwaukee to Las Vegas, highlighting the key features, benefits, and challenges of train travel. We will also provide you with useful tips and recommendations to make your train journey a comfortable and memorable experience.

Why Choose Train Travel?

Train travel offers several benefits compared to other modes of transportation such as flying or driving. Firstly, train travel is more eco-friendly as it produces less carbon emissions per passenger than other modes of transportation. Secondly, train travel can be more comfortable and relaxing, with spacious seats, large windows, and the ability to walk around and socialize. Thirdly, train travel can offer you unique and scenic views of the countryside, mountains, and cities that are not accessible by other modes of transportation. Fourthly, train travel can be a great opportunity to meet new people, learn about their cultures, and share experiences. Lastly, train travel can be more affordable than flying, especially if you book in advance and choose a lower-class option.

Overview of the Route

The train route from Milwaukee to Las Vegas is operated by Amtrak, the national rail passenger service provider in the United States. The train route consists of two segments:

  • The Amtrak Hiawatha Service from Milwaukee to Chicago
  • The Southwest Chief from Chicago to Las Vegas

The total distance of the route is approximately 2,000 miles, and the travel time is around 48 hours, with multiple stops and transfers along the way.

The Milwaukee Station

The train journey from Milwaukee starts at the Milwaukee Intermodal Station, which is located in the heart of downtown Milwaukee. The station is easily accessible by public transportation, taxi, or personal vehicle, and offers several amenities such as parking, luggage storage, food and beverage, restrooms, and Wi-Fi. The station also has a waiting area with comfortable seating, information booths, and ticketing counters.

The Train Experience

The train journey from Milwaukee to Las Vegas involves two train services operated by Amtrak:

The Amtrak Hiawatha Service

The Amtrak Hiawatha Service is a regional train service that operates between Milwaukee and Chicago, with several stops along the way, including Glenview, Northbrook, and Waukegan. The train service offers comfortable and spacious seats, free Wi-Fi, power outlets, and onboard food and beverage service. The travel time from Milwaukee to Chicago is approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes, with frequent departures throughout the day.

The Southwest Chief

The Southwest Chief is a long-distance train service that operates between Chicago and Los Angeles, with several stops along the way, including Kansas City, Albuquerque, and Flagstaff.


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